Maybe (just maybe) I'm starting to de-stress…

… and check a few items off of my too-full to-do list.

While I'm currently operating on next to no sleep (and operating surprisingly well), I've had a rather good weekend. Certainly I didn't get to do EVERYTHING I wanted to do, but it was replete with different experiences (and yes, that work thing too…).

Friday I attended Edmonton Poetry Festival. It was good to finally get out to a Po-Fest event (as much as I wanted to attend more, I realized that I needed to stop stretching myself far too thin). In the process I was exposed to not only the excellent poets from the Glam Slam but also some other new poets in addition to Nicole Pakan and Douglas Barbour. I was disappointed that the Assasin of the night didn't place during the Glam Slam (as his poetry was so engaging and really unique too… plus you can never discount the fun aspect during a slam), but overall I truly enjoyed that aspect of the night. And I didn't go overboard this time but picked up a signed copy of The Hayflick Limit by Matthew Tierney (who greatly impressed me during the reading I attended at Axis cafe).

Saturday night I caught Oh Susanna! As per my last experience it was a blast, though shorter than expected. I found the guest stars (the actresses who played witches from The Wizard of Oz at the Citadel) more engaging this time as I had already seen their performance. I think I ought to go out to this more often, however when Colin and Peter leave town, the lack of company for the walk home will probably make it rather unlikely that I'd feel comfortable attending… not that I won't want to! Again it was great fun. Plus the sandwich was yummy! Also Colin and I exchanged books, which I absolutely cannot wait to read.

Today after work I enjoyed the Baroque Ensemble (thanks to Maria), which I think helped me be in the right mind today… and relax. And then I read a nice light Sophie Kinsella book — Can You Keep A Secret?

And I'm slowly getting other things done. Which makes me happy!