My Abecedary (from Aaron)

A–Age: 26

B–Bed size: Queen

C–Chore you hate: hmmm… washing the floors

D–Dog's name: n/a (I've never had a pet)

E–Essential Start-Your-Day items: Hmmm… clothing. BREAKFAST. Beyond that it depends on the day I'm having.

F–Favourite Colour: red

G–Gold or Silver: No real preference: Gold is more malleable, silver more durable (but it tarnishes). I more often wear silver jewelry though.

H–Height: 5'3

I–Instruments you play(ed): piano, recorder (not well!), drums, bells, any sort of percussion really, flute (though horribly also).

J–Job Title: Customer Service Specialist/perpetual student/Health and Safety Chair

K–Kid(s): none yet.

L–Living arrangements: I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a 12 unit walk up downtown with a roommate. It's home. I desperately need to do more chores though.

M–Mom's Name: I'm not typing that here.

N–Nicknames: There have been many over the years. But mostly I just go by my actual name.

O–Overnight hospital stay other than childbirth (if applicable): None, actually. I've been fortunate so far.

P–Pet Peeve: Improper apostrophe use. Gah!

Q–Quote from wherever: uh… nothing's gonna change my world from Across the Universe (song) by The Beatles

R–Right- or left-handed: Right-handed generally

S–Siblings: Two younger brothers

T–Time you wake up: anywheres between 6am and 11am actually. I have a very random schedule… but usually am up by 8am.

U–Under the water or Up in the air: both are good.

V–Vegetables you dislike: Cilantro's not really a vegetable but that's what I'm going with here.

W–Ways you run late: Hmmm… usually mostly because of transit, being multiply scheduled, and/or relying on others.

X–X-rays you've had: chest

Y–Yummy food you make: uh… eggs? I'm a VERY lazy cook. This needs to change at some point but probably not soon.

Z–Zoo favourite: Gosh: Turtles, Elephants…