I have a new computer! Many thanks to Grant for his help in this long procrastinated endeavor.

This week, I finally caved. Which in this case is a good thing. I finally decided that it was high time I actually did something about the non-functionality of my current computer (it needed replacing for at least the past 5 years), and buy myself a new machine.

Part of the reason why I postponed it was that I'm ridiculously frugal. The old machine still 'worked' you see, and therefore spending the money to replace it wasn't high enough on my list of priorities. In addition, I'm good at procrastinating. And like to be technologically backward… or rather this is my natural state of being. Regardless, I don't know much about computer systems themselves, having always had them built for me… or otherwise assembled from disparate parts. So, I always focused on having the 'right' expert in the field of computing (or equivalent) who actually wanted to help me get a new machine. I just never actually got further than the 'thinking part' of the 'getting a new computer' process.

Some people had suggested getting a Mac, but I had qualms. These included compatibility of programs, my ergonomic keyboard (as I honestly cannot type with anything close to the speed I can type on an ergonomic keyboard when using a normal one), my familiarity with different programs, my need to use certain things in combination etc. I'm indeed a strange one in this respect. And, had I not found a computer expert to help me, I would have probably still been contemplating getting a Mac for its stability, lack of compatibility problems etc.

But instead, last night Grant and I went to Future Shop and found a deal on a PC. This is an absolutely excellent computer for what I use it for (as I am realizing) and given that Grant knows a thing or two about PCs, it's working rather splendidly at the moment. I still need to rescue some files off of floppy discs, but otherwise my old computer is only functional as Beth needs to use it.

All that remains is organizing, getting Microsoft Office, and getting the printer up and running again I think (there's probably more but I don't know what that would be at the moment).

It's hard to believe just how fast things run when NOT using MY old computer!

And in other news, my internet speed will be increasing on Monday! Shaw called and let me know this, which is really stellar in my books (though bizarre).