Halloween: the aftermath (or apparently Pirate/Ninja makes a great conversation starter…)

So this Halloween was busier than most. I did have a blast and was featured in a rather large number of photographs (most of which I have yet to see). I started my day with a trip to work to see costumes (many of which were amazing… including a certain 'The Donald' imitator, some Vegas individuals, and a pirate) before heading to campus to pick up the last reference letter for my as yet not completed Grad school application.

Following a visit with a couple of my favorite profs (I have a few) I ate some sushi (pampering!) before making my way to an odd awards ceremony (odd as in how it was organized). There I saw Denny and met some other people. Kind of meaningless but oh well.

I revisited work to see an amazing hooker costume (yes it was a man underneath all that costuming) among others and got home in time to catch up on the internet (and start the homework assignment that I'm one tenth of the way through now).

Then there was my bartending shift at Dinwoodie. I was highly amazed by Devon's hair (it STAYED in Pipi Longstocking braids all night without bobby pins!) and a certain dress on another one of my friends (and yes, he looked great, as much as he probably wouldn't like me to go on and on and on about it 😉 ). My costume was akward when bending to lift things or when climbing to reach things but beyond that it performed well. I had a blast bartending. I actually really enjoyed making highballs and shots. That was my favorite part — of course people watching was a whole lot of fun too! Plus I got to bartend in French. And… Dennys afterward felt just plain great… though I'm perhaps more sleep deprived than usual after a time change (well except when the clocks change the other way somehow).

Shaun's Post/Saint Halloween party was a blast (though I still find it annoying that he doesn't have a buzzer resulting in my yelling and throwing rocks to get in….). His Tigger the stripper costume, Alex's Roman Angel alcoholic, and Fren's Two-Face were amazing! And that's not even mentioning the dead Jesus and other costumes.

I'm surprised I was as alert as I was today. Working at 7am after going to bed at 6am the previous morning does require a certain amount of internal clock readjustment. But I did learn a few things: Halloween is better in an awesomer costume, Olwyn is an awesome costume designer, I REALLY enjoy bartending (as much as I don't drink, and no, I didn't even taste the alcohol while on shift), and I am ever so thankful for my friends.