Updates from August adventures…

So I'm starting a Kiwanis Young Professionals club. It'll get off the ground soon. If you're interested I set up a facebook group to begin with (eventually we'll need a good website but that's not my area of expertise. I also adored Wayne's suggestion that we somehow create a system which messages all members (email message) when someone wants to plan an event and if a minimum (threshold) number of people confirm attendance the system will email everyone back a confirmation that the event/meeting/social/service project would go ahead (this would allow for irregular meeting times and locations since I know everyone's very busy and a single day of the week to meet and/or have events is rather unlikely to work for everyone. Initially we will have to meet semi-regularly at least to get to 25 members to charter. This is essential.

Anyhow… CKI LSSP/ICON/Denver adventures, and Kiwanis DCON in Swift Current were great! Highlights include:
– Making PLINKO at LSSP!
– Using a weed eater for the first time
– Winning a round of BINGO!
– Being on Team Canada for LSSP Olympics
– Winning Apples to Apples at the Silent Auction
– Seeing the Six Cents book for the first time (in draft form)
– Seeing great friends from across the CKI and Kiwanis world
– Dances, board games, and crazy social events
– Changing the organization entirely (provided it is approved) at the House of Delegates
– Seeing a tiger at the Aquarium
– Watching Elephant painting at the zoo
– Bowling (times two!)
– Seeing Red Rocks
– Checking out the Museum of Nature and Science
– Seeing Colorado School of Mines!
– The Waffle Cart! Yum!
– Casa Bonita (if you don't understand, find the South Park episode or some YouTube cliff diving videos)
– road trip to Swift Current in a yellow sports car and from Swift current in a red convertible
– Wind Farm Tour
– Historic Downtown Swift Current
– Saskatchewan Express
– The Real World House in Denver
– and much much more! Eventually I'll get photos up on Facebook… but I'm lazy!