… and I had a happy birthday! :)

Wow… what a gathering of awesome people! Mixed in with board game madness, my birthday party was a splendid affair of Ali-spoilage! 😉

Not only were there over 15 people in my apt, but we played some awesome board games: Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition, Boggle, Munchkin (with expansions!), Hilarium, and Killer Bunnies!! I saw so many awesome people (some of which I hadn't seen in FAR too long)! And as much as I didn't ask for presents, I was spoiled!! Highlights included (in no particular order): gift cards/certificates for meals, chocolate and experiences, many awesome cards, Killer Bunnies!, Munchkin Expansion 4: The Need For Steed, and a CD! 🙂

The party itself was entertaining… lots of great food, great folks, and generally a great time! I'm finally caught up on reading all the Facebook wishes (yay and thanks to all!), and I'm totally happy with the fun of it all… and I even got to play Munchkin (with my new expansion!) and Killer Bunnies some more — partially because one of my friends had gotten the party date wrong, and appeared one day later than expected.

Thanks to all!