A busy bee in the summer sun…

is me! 🙂 This week's been a crazy adventure of marvelous proportions… so much great stuff going on!

Wednesday night was The Dark Knight screening on IMAX. Now I'm not a HUGE superhero movie fan but this one was fabulous. A dark reflection of our society and a very brilliant mix of ethical debate, psychological portrayals, the following of and breaking of typical superhero (and Batman!) paradigms, gorgeous sets, costuming and technology, a vivid soundtrack that really adds to the mood created, and some acting that exceeds expectations. Well worth watching! (and yes, this is me writing without throwing spoilers at you, in case you're wondering) If it were at all in doubt, Heath Ledger's posthumous Oscar buzz (and I do remember Oscar buzz before his death) is well-deserved. The movie truly catered toward my sensibilities… and not just because of my educational background (though it helps!).

The Capital Ex parade was excellent! I volunteered my two shifts at the Kiwanis Giant Slide as well (which was great fun, and quite entertaining — you'd be surprised at how many screamers/criers want to ride again and again!). I still consider it the best ride at the Ex.

Basil/Shaun's party Friday night was quite the shinding! Sure I was a party-pooper and left early, but as I had arrived early to begin with, I still had a blast! The costumes were riotous and some were definitely not G rated. I also had some great conversations with some people I had only just met (some of whom incidentally had more friends in common with me than I would have expected).

A Taste of Edmonton was great this year! I ate so many yummy goodies this time around! The weather was impeccable (what an excellent weekend!) and the company was splendid.

Anywho… I'm totally looking forward to Richard III! 🙂