Walks for Charity? (or just walks in general)

Hey all: I know that many of you participate in walks for various charities. Well, I've been thinking of doing these more often than once ever. Yes indeed, I want to line up at least one and perhaps more for this year, especially since I ADORE walking, and the walks of the organized variety do appeal to me. So far I know of the Run for the Cure (which I'm honestly contemplating doing again, as long as I'm with people I know as it's so large that I feel that I would get lost in the crowd without friends to join me), and then there's an AIDS walk of some sort I think. And Relay for Life (which although I'm not participating in it, I would like to donate to a participant in the Edmonton edition. Who's doing it? I promised I'd donate to someone in my area after getting two + requests from Americans, and I'd rather like to get the tax receipt that goes with my donation). But what else is out there?