Fait Accomplit Released! :)

Wow… that was an excellent release party — perhaps I should have prepped more for it or something, but I think it was a smash hit — the attendance rocked, and people seemed to like the cheese, grapes, candy and cookies… yes the cookies are gone, the juice was almost gone, the pop given away and the wine… well you get the picture! Wine and cheese worked well.

The readings were awesome too… rob's was heckled throughout to great amusement by all. Mine went well although I read overly fast a few times, it has been too long since I last did a public reading though. David's was VERY well received! Katelyn and Indy got great audience reactions, and Shaun's story, written only last night was amazing. No one else gets such audience reactions like Shaun does! The readings of his works seem so much more vivid and alive than just seeing it on the page — it adds a whole other dimension to the work.

So many people deserve thanks for an amazing release party… THANK YOU! We will definitely have to have more awesome events at Alhambra Books in the future. And yes, at some point I will have to BUY BOOKS.

To those of you who want copies… just contact us and we'll arrange something.

On to tomorrow… a day of training. I think I'm just about ready.