What the Butler Saw – Absolutely a laugh out loud riot!

When else can you go to a play and say things like What an elephantine phallus! or I didn't recognize the actor until he took off his clothes and make sense?

This play, currently being produced by Studio Theatre (and running until the 10th), is an absolute riot! Everything from the premise (a shrink [a Doctor] asks a candidate for a secretarial position to disrobe as part of her interview) to the amazing diction (English humor from the 1960s era — Beth thought it reminded her of Monty Python), and the great stage craft — not to mention set design, use of props, and costume construction — combines to make a fabulous staging of what some reviewers would call Oscar Wilde on crack to quote the very apt description. A must see — especially for those who think that a cigar is just a cigar AND for those who don't — though certainly not meant for those who do not appreciate a partially clothed actor or actress, nor for those who would shy away from loud noises or edgy humor.

One of the best, most humorous, comedic plays I have yet had the pleasure to encounter!