fait accomplit submission request

Seeing as I know that quite a few of you dabble in various literary pursuits from poetry to prose, rants, photography and otherwise… please consider the following:

Bring us your babies!

Ever wanted to see your precious babies in print? fait accomplit is open for submissions of prose, poetry, photography rants and whatnots. We accept a variety of themes, languages, and sizes, but only want your very best.

Please submit work with a separate cover page with your name and contact information, and no names on the actual document. Your babies can be sent to faitaccomplit@yahoo.ca or dropped off at our mailbox in 1-22 Humanities.

All submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board. Questions? Ennui? Email us at faitaccomplit@yahoo.ca.

Deadline — 26 October 2007

fait accomplit is put out by students in the Comparative Literature Program at the University of Alberta