Weekend=Far too little sleep

Yet another weekend of fun and craziness… This time this meant seeing a great play (on ethics of Art and Science, called Should've which I totally recommend to everyone involved in either art or science or essentially living on planet Earth), going to the gym for the first time in what seems like months, working too many hours (what else is new in this boom town?), and attending a fabulous birthday party. Yes, Stef's birthday party was excellent — partially because I met some awesome people (with quite popular names actually), partially because I got to see a couple of people I already knew, and clearly also because hummus and other nibbles are terribly amazingly yummy… among other things.

This of course meant that I stayed at the party longer than I had initially planned (which isn't entirely a bad thing — I got more sleep than I normally do following a ballroom dance event for example). That said it still means that I'm incredibly sore following a work shift that included half an hour of overtime (I'd have liked to stay longer, but this thing called homework likes to intervene with my-semi-good-natured-devotion to work… *laughs*).

Regardless, the weekend's got my head working overtime to think over random thoughts — not a bad thing, but one that does tend to add to stress levels occasionally, and sometimes consider possibilities that aren't necessarily the most reasonable — mind you, reasonable isn't exactly the definition of Ali… *smiles