Even More Fringing! :o

So as much as the Fringe festival is over and I THOUGHT that I'd be done Fringing for the season, Ramona has invited me to two holdovers today. I saw The Creation of the World and Other Business this afternoon and will be seeing God's Eye tonight. The beginning of a very busy (work AND otherwise) long weekend, this bodes well!

The Creation of the World and Other Business
Not meant for children, because of its sexual innuendo and nudity, this show was incredibly humourous, tasteful and professionally performed. I loved the anachronisms for example (gotta love the trash that exists on Earth!). I'm sure it strayed a bit from Arthur Miller's original a bit (like the comment about the actress who played Eve's prosthesis), but it was impressive!! And the music chosen was well done… and… I would totally recommend seeing it (mind you it's over now). (4.5 stars)