A Busy July

It's the usual busy July. I'm working full-time-ish like usual… and I'm out and about like usual. July's always a lot of fun, but this one's a scorcher (which isn't helping things terribly much.

On Thursday I watched the Capital Ex parade with Beth– which was as good as it is every year. It was good to see a Shriner I know well in it however. This was followed by meeting Jackie at The Taste of Edmonton (we saw Jenn there too) and eating some yummy food. Then I visited Capital Ex and wandered (Loved seeing Louis Lavoie (one of my FAVE painters) paint live to music!) before my shift at the Kiwanis Giant Slide (boy was it ever hot!!)… and later visited the butterflies, the trade show, and all sorts of other fun stuff. A long hot but great day!!

Friday night was good fun at Kel's birthday party. Not only was the food delicious, but the company was fabulous as well. I hadn't had fun like that for a while… especially with some people I'd only just met! I proved that I'm still not very Wii co-ordinated (as much as I love playing Wii games)… but totally had a blast. The view from the balcony was also rather awesome.

Saturday was another full day… beginning with The Taste of Edmonton with Heather, I went to the Jub to find Kim and others with whom I watched Mamma Mia! (which was great, I must say… I totally didn't predict it either!). After that we visited the accessories show at the Arts Barns before heading out to eat and then to the UADC social. It had been AGES since I'd danced… but I had a totally great time once a sufficient number of awesome guys showed up. It was also good to catch up with Brad and others whom I hadn't seen in ages.

So I'm rather tired but enthused about July! Upcoming events include:
My birthday on the 24th
Weird Al on the 25th
Capital Ex volunteering and Great Big Sea on the 26th
Mim's party on the 27th
Flying to Portland for CKI stuff on the 30th.

Yes, I still do have some free time in my schedule… it's just limited, as you can probably surmise.