Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… and other summer stuff

So I did indeed see this movie. And I must say that while it differs greatly from the book, it too is rather enjoyable. Too short — but all the movies are in one way or another. The book is better — but we can't go around having 6 hr + movies here and have them be utter successes at the box office as well, which indeed this intends to do. It was however a greatly pleasant watch and well worth seeing in the theatre.

The street performers' festival was pretty good today too — it was too hot to see much, we only watched one act really before buying Harry Potter tix and eating some great dinner at Lazia, but it was worth it to see the tightrope act. I might see some more Street Performers' Festival before it ends, but I somewhat doubt it.

My schedule for the next lil' while is rather busy, but I do still have some time remaining before I head off to Portland, Oregon for CKI stuff. Some of my plans include:
-Capital Ex parade
-Taste of Edmonton
-Two shifts volunteering for that Kiwanis Giant Slide
-Two concerts at Capital Ex's EdFest (Weird Al and Great Big Sea)
-Mamma Mia!
-Two birthday parties (mine plus a friend of a friend's)
-possibly a soccer game
-oh and a ton of work shifts.
So, like every July, I'm keeping rather busy. But I try to make the most of my summers, eh?