Day 6: En route to Switzerland

Another morning and we were ready to be on our way. The drive was pretty good, with a few wonderful stops along the way. This was the longest stretch of driving on our trip: from Paris to Lucerne (or Luzern). Fortunately the scenery was pretty awesome: Bordeaux famous for wine, and other nifty areas of France (and lesser known ones tourism-wise).

The mountains and lake were gorgeous. Very different than the Rockies… reminded me a bit of Heidi (which makes sense considering all the play on Heidiland in the area). It also reminded me of all the fairytales I read as a child. Our Tour director provided some interesting information on the area and the evening was relatively peaceful. Brutally hot, on a walk before dinner we discovered the beach and I wanted to to swimming. The desire didn't remain after dinner but we went for another walk anyway, where we discovered the little village where our hotel was located (our hotel was on the outskirts, between lake and mountain, with a gorgeous view!). After our walk we discovered the hotel's GELATO MENU! SO delicious!!

I don't know German so reading some signs and whatnot was entertaining… but at this point the first night in Switzerland was pretty awesome!