ABCs of Me quiz from Melanie

– Available: yes… of course that depends on who's asking!
– Age: 24
– Annoyance: When people don't pay attention to the rules. It's one thing to break them knowingly, but quite another to not know that they're there!
– Actor: Topher Grace

– Beer: Well the beer steins in Switzerland were entertaining… as was the bottle in Paris… but I don't drink it.
– Birthplace: BC
– Best Friends: I have a few people I'd consider close.
– Body Part on opposite sex: uh… arms?
– Best feeling in the world: to feel loved.
– Big words: can be useful
– Blind or Deaf: blind
– Best weather: warm but not too hot!
– Been in Love: sure.
– Been on stage: yes
– Believe in yourself: yes
– Believe in life on other planets: perhaps
– Believe in miracles: how does one define a miracle?
– Believe in Magic: depends on what one considers magic to be.
– Believe in God: unknown
– Believe in Satan: not particularly.
– Believe in Santa: sure.
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: not particularly
– Believe in Evolution: yes

– Car: the vehicles in Europe were cool.
– Candy: is good in small quantities
– Colour: red
– Cried in school: on quite a few occasions
– Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
– Chinese/Mexican: no preference. When it comes to food, if it doesn't have cilantro that would help… and lack of food poisoning… 🙂
– Cake or pie: toss up. Depends on what kind!
– Country to visit: Gosh… them all!

– Day or Night: night
– Dream vehicle: anything I don't have to drive! 🙂 Flying dragon, or other mythical beast please?
– Danced: as often as possible!
– Dance in the rain: probably… but I ought to do this for real and well!
– Do the splits: nope!!

– Eggs: cooked.
– Eyes: mine are brown
– Everyone has: to breathe
– Ever failed a class: unless you consider Sea Cadets stuff…. no
– First crush: Peter
– Full name: If you don't know it by now, you probably needn't or should ask.
– First thoughts waking up: what time is it?
– Food: of the edible and non-cilantro contaminated variety!

– Greatest Fear: being alone forever
– Giver or taker: mix of both I hope.
– Goals: are diverse and many
– Gum: I don't chew gum
– Get along with your parents?: yes.
– Good luck charm: *shrugs* can't I be my own good luck charm?
Girls/guys: what do you prefer:
Eye colour: I tend to like the lighter colours like blue, green, grey etc.
Hair Colour: lighter than mine
Short/Long: depends on the guy
Height: taller than me
Clothing Style: presentable 🙂
Characteristics: great personality, some shared interests, ability to hold up his end of a conversation with me!

– Hair Colour: brown
– Height: 5'3
– Happy: often
– Holiday: Winter holiday season
– How do you want to die: after having lived a full and happy life.
– Health freak?: not particularly.

– Ice Cream: gelato from Europe!
– Instrument: I played percussion instruments. But I'd love to play some of the crazy Blue Man Group Instruments (that would be fun!), or learn something crazy like the instruments played during the Swiss Cultural show in Lucerne

– Jewellery: I really want to go to Venice now and purchase some Murano Glass… or be rich enough to get some of the great gold from Florence… but yeah I wear jewelery.
– Job: I work in Customer Service

– Kids: yes. I want a family of my own.
– karate: I don't do any martial arts anymore.
– Keep a journal?: I try to write daily in some form or another.

– Longest Car Ride: no idea: let's just say there's been some long ones!
– Letter: I try to keep writing.
– Laughed so hard you cried: rarely.

1. Slept in a bed beside you? well… my mom slept in a separate bed right beside my bed while in European hotels… 🙂
2. Saw you cry? it's been a while.
3. Went to the movies with you? I went alone last time… and can't remember with whom I went the time previous to that.
4. You went to the mall with? An actual mall in North America, Jackie. The shopping centres in Lucerne, my mom!
5. You went to dinner with? Nicole, Brad and Kim
6. You talked to on the phone? Nicole
7. Made you laugh? Brad I think.

– Milk flavour: skim! or chocolate I guess.
– Movie: too many good choices!
– Marriage? I'd like to eventually have that in my life provided I meet someone like-minded in that respect.
– McD's or BK: neither.

– Number of Siblings: 2
– Number of Piercings: 0
– Number: 14

– Overused Phrases: no worries
– One wish: to have my dreams come true! 🙂
– One phobia: n/a

– Place you'd like to live: Canada
– Perfect Pizza: well I rather liked the Italian ones! 🙂 I rather like interesting veggies on my pizza as well.
– Pepsi/Coke: Orangina is good! 😉

– Quail: huh?

– Reason to cry: unhappy
– Reality T.V.: Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance
– Radio Station: CKUA, Espace Musique or
– Roll your tongue in a circle? sure.

– Song: Bonfire by Lamb
– Shoe size: 7.5 or 8.5 womens
– Salad Dressing: I rather like balsamic… or oil and vinegar… or… well ranch works too.
– Sushi: YUM!
– Skipped school: never without a good reason.
– Slept outside: sure
– Seen a dead body?: not that I distinctly recall.
– Smoked?: never
– Skinny dipped?: nope
– Shower Daily?: at least every other day.
– Sing well? nope.
– Swear?: VERY rarely.
– Stuffed Animals?: Of course. My newest acquisition is the accordion playing marmot from Switzerland.
– Single/Group dates: both are good. I don't date often enough.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries
– Scientists need to invent: the time travelling necklace that Hermione wears in the third Harry Potter book.

– Time for bed: usually sometime between 10pm and 1am… but lately I've been going to bed remarkably early due to jet lag.
– Thunderstorms: just don't golf or go swimming/boating in one! I enjoy them otherwise.
– TV: Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, CSI etc.
– Touch your tongue to your nose?: no

– Unpredictable: sometimes

– Vegetable you hate: cilantro! 😉
– Vegetable you love: spinach, broccoli, artichoke, baby corn etc.
– Vacation spot: The whole wide world!

– Weakness: many
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: beats me.
– Who makes you laugh the most: gosh… I also don't know.
– Wanted to be a model?: I did take a modeling course when I was 12… but no not really.
– Where do we go when we die: depends.
– Worst weather: severe/extreme weather.

-X-Rays: I've had a few.

-Year it is now: 2007
-Yellow: bright

– Zoo animal: Elephant
– Zodiac sign: Leo