Jet lagged but home from Europe

Being jet lagged means that everything feels like it's taking far longer than it ought to. Still, I'm trying to catch up on everything now that I'm home. I'm nowhere near caught up on email and Facebook and internet… or reading or unpacking or anything… but I did open my mail (which is a start).

As for my trip: it was utterly amazing. Even with all the little adventurous downsides, it was so action packed and amazing! I'll likely write a few more highlights later when I'm not nearly so tired… and I'll put my photos up on Facebook too… but just the same it was one awesome trip and included such highlights as:
– Seeing Cabaret in London
– Seeing the Queen and Prince William and Camilla and Prince Andrew and his daughters etc.
– Wandering the Tate Modern
– Seeing a cabaret at the Nouvelle Eve in Paris
– Visiting the Louvre
– Going up to the top of a mountain in Switzerland… and yes seeing the wonderful cows with their bells… yay for Heidiland! 🙂
– Seeing a great Swiss culture show in Luzern/Lucerne
– Visiting the Vatican and seeing the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
– Seeing an actual archaeological site in the yard of a 300 year old farmhouse now surrounded by buildings… which was also the location of a great meal with Opera singing entertainment
– Walked down the Spanish Steps in Roma/Rome
– Visiting some awesome sights in Firenz/Florence including replicas of the Statue of David
And much much more! 🙂

I think I need to do more travelling in the future.