An actually meaningful post (for once!)

So I've been mostly posting memes to this LJ these days. And memes are all fine and good (they are… I've discovered just how useful they can be in creation of characters for non-fiction and fiction pieces! Yay writing!), but occasionally I want to write more (okay fine, I want to write more more often than not but often don't find the time or want to turn the buzzing computer on).

I've been plowing through a to-do list (metaphoric rather than physical actually) and have been busy as of late but hey, school's out for summer, yo! 😉 And since it's May already this means that time is counting down before school will start up again for me in September (yikes! I still need to get a portfolio together if I want to make one last crack at the getting into the fiction course thing). I've a busy summer ahead of me with travel and whatnot but it should be a good one.

Anyhow… the past few days/week have been crazy (as I said before) including such fun as Circle K DOTC (District Officer Training Conference, where I was so great as to put my foot in my mouth and be marginally helpful on occasion. I REALLY need to step back one of these years for truth!), Kevin's barbecue, celebrating Jackie's new job, spending time with Shaun/Basil (nice to chat with a non-classmate about Comp. Lit profs!), celebrating the end of exams with Beth, and well… working scads (yay for 15% tuesday).

I've also made a hair appointment with Jackie (yay me!), put together a few letters and cards, got some cleaning done and so on. I even got some awesome reading done, bought some groceries and otherwise was productive! 🙂 It's nice when my head says I have the time to zone out in front of some of my absolute favorite TV programs. And I'm writing again! 🙂 Perhaps not as much as I'd like but I am.

Of course the list of things to do still remains… and as much as I'm being semi-organized, there's still much to do. And things happen sometimes at the most unfortunate of times (and that's not just losing socks in the wash either!)…. like when my pants decided to break the other day at work (thank goodness for safety pins!), or when my body decides that no, I don't need to get up in the morning and then the phone rings rings rings (mostly for Beth).

But it's been a productive little time, and I think I'll go back to being productive an work on one of the tasks I volunteered to do for the CKI district! 🙂