And Jenn interviewed me…

1. Speaking of fun, what's something you'd never imagine yourself doing, but you think would be lots of fun if you did do it?
Gosh… so many of the crazy stunts from the Amazing Race come to mind! I mean really… I'd so love to go on a zipline across a canyon, or rappel down a building or…. the possibilities are endless (note that I'm not into the skydiving thing or parachuting thing for some odd reason)

2. What book would you recommend to Steven Harper, and why?
Gosh… book for Steven Harper… huh… How about Sophie's World by Jostein Gaardner? It might open his mind to new ways of doing things. Frankly I don't have as huge of a problem with Harper now as I used to (although I prefer his political party to him), but he does need to be a tad more open minded.

3. You've been given a decent piece of land and the capacity to put anything you want on it. Cost is not a factor. What would you do with it?
Two words: DREAM HOUSE!! Believe me, I've wanted it since I was like 5 although the configurations change frequently.

4. If you had your own zoo, and had to downsize to 5 different animals, which ones would you keep?
Elephant, turtle, tortoise, lion, butterfly

5. What do you plan to do when you graduate?
Gah! Why must everyone ask that? I bet I'll still work at SaveOn for a little while at least… and perhaps write… and hopefully live happily ever after. Now if only relationships weren't part of my dreams… (the rest is remarkably controllable, comparatively speaking)