Update and awesome widget from Lana! :)

I rather liked this quiz — more than most. It's not displaying correctly but it's still cool.

In other news, my left wrist has been acting up a lot lately, which isn't very fun (to put it mildly) — it's almost how it was when I first got the injury (but not quite as bad since I am semi-taking care of it). Shopping with Jackie was great fun (I love my new coat!! I've walked in the glorious light rain in it twice now!). Catching up with Heather was a great and recharging experience. I've decided that I need to play more board games (Poleconomy would be so much fun if we played version 2 with 4 or 6 players!! Gotta love weird and interesting games — not to mention Canadian Content!)… and I'm looking forward to finally getting Bandu.

I think I'm becoming mildly addicted to the Metro newspaper (it's definitely my favorite free daily), and I'm getting better at the crosswords (but still not good enough to finish them completely). The sudoku is easy enough that I can usually finish them rather decently — mind you I keep the distractions going in the background!!

Also, I'm thinking that Jackie would definitely love the Alice, I think series of books (which I will lend to her if she's interested), given some certain pop culture references — especially in the later books (I can't wait to find out what happens next in the third book!).

I'm very proud to have so many friends who have kept the VT massacre in their hearts… knowing that people I know are safe is great, but the loss of so many amazing others is traumatic… including those well-known to people I hold dear. Every story seems to tear at one's heart. Let us not forget.