Okay… so I have 'free time' and what do I do? *sighs*

So I have been rather productive as of late — I've an outline for the short story that's due for one class and have practiced a couple of times for my poetry reading tomorrow… and finished the paper due tomorrow, handed in the paper due today and so on. I want to reward myself with something awesome like social interaction… but wait… I'm online. Wasting time again.

Not doing anything particularly useful. Avoiding housework (yes, Beth I will start the dishes soon). Maybe I'll even get some more school work done. But all work and no play makes Ali a dull girl. And I really really really have been feeling lonely — mostly 'cause one of the essays I've been writing has the loneliness vibe all over it (it's a creative piece about last summer's trip to Montreal, focusing on the idea of homesickness).

I've not been unhappy — just longing for social interaction. And I guess dreaming dreams of happily ever afters again.

In other news I think our last class of the year for my non-fiction class may include a semi-public reading component. I like readings! 🙂