Through the Looking Glass

Finished reading Through the Looking Glass today… started a paper… and reflected on life a bunch. Paper needs to get itself finished tomorrow… I'm too tired right now (considering that I switched to a VERY early morning shift tomorrow) to finish it. Unfortunately this means that the two papers I need to get done this week aren't at all finished — both are started however which is a good thing.

It's been a whirlwind of a week… in all realms really: Schoolwork took the backburner [it was reading week] so I was learning a TONNE at work, caught up with some friends, had some social engagements, went to CKI stuff, did some sports, cleaned, did some business stuff and so on. Balance? Not really. But it was a productive Reading week, if only because I decided to listen to Jackie's advice not to settle… and to follow the directions that life leads toward.

Now to get some sleep so that tomorrow's essay work will get accomplished. Maybe I'll even do some more readings for class — not quite as fun as reading about Alice or Charlie or Dorothy or any of those other children's novel heroes/heroines, but productive just the same.