Another successful night with friends — week two of Joy Luck!

So tonight I hosted a bunch o' great people at my place for veggie pizza, veggies and dip, valarios, and non-alcoholic champagne…. essentially great company, Trivial Pursuit (we're all very un-trivia savvy tonight!) and so on! 🙂 Very great!!

In other news I won a double guest pass to Pan's Labyrinth at City Centre at 7pm on Wednesday (we'd have to be there at like 6:30 to get seats)… and I'm looking for someone to go with… if anyone replies to this message before 4pm tomorrow I can probably work it out… otherwise I think I'll go with a great friend (although scheduling might be messy).

And I guess I'm going to try to rebuild a semblance of an mp3 collection on my computer… we'll see. I don't usually download stuff but if someone sends me a song I have the tendancy to add it and all… *shrugs* Probably the instances of Paul posting a song on Facebook and Nancy having her band's stuff online did it for me.