Quick recap…

So as I mentioned before, I'm back from Mexico now… and thus I thought I'd share a bit from the past few days… of course this is now that I have some free time: I did afterall spend 9 hours at the CKI gift wrap for the Bissell Centre on the 21st and work 8 hrs yesterday, plus finish my Christmas shopping at WEST EDMONTON MALL (yes, indeed, I hit the mall on the 22nd of December and got out in record time!), play some ball tossing games, chat with friends, and otherwise have a good time — yeah, I'm not unpacked nor are the gifts wrapped, but hey, I've been busy!

Oh, and yes, I've posted my photos from San Diego and from Tijuana on Facebook. There are certainly better ones out there, but they're on the cameras from the group and thus not in my paws! Pictures at: http://ualberta.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2017959&l=62ed7&id=120402019

— No, my luggage did not arrive with me. But Mike and Kate and Emily and John were all so hospitable anyhow! 🙂
— Loved the greenery at the Zoo. Mike was awesome at educating me about the Zoo plant life. Yeah, there's more types of plants at the Zoo than animals… This was the San Diego Zoo… which unlike the St. Louis Zoo charged admission.
— The carousel ride was longer than I've ever experienced… and cheap too! Quite fun!
— Then there were the animals! So many awesome animals! 🙂
— Ate at Chipotle… decently yummy food… one of many Mexican-ish food experiences!
— Target shopped! Thank goodness my luggage eventually arrived and I didn't have to buy everything at Target however.
— Cool arcade: 25 cent skee-ball!
— Advantage Rent-A-Car adventure. 'nuff said.
— Lack of sleep. Trip was running on Rajeev time!
— House building: we were team three, and built a pink house from the ground up. I mostly hammered, and painted… but I also helped assemble the latrine/outhouse, measured, advised, etc.
— Children's carnival — someone tried to buy the prize out of my hands!
— Visiting orphanage… such cute kids… felt great to do it!
— Tijuana road adventures… wow! Glad we survived! 😉
— Getting stopped by the Mexican police 'cause apparently there were reports of armed vehicles in the area matching our description… thank goodness we didn't run into them or the kidnapping danger.0
— Played the letter game and the location game in the van.
— Tom shared (as did we) details of at least one of dream significant others, dates, and first times…
— Lost Topher in the airport 🙁

And so much more! I unfortunately miss so many people now.