Borat… and a desire to cocoon!

So last night, I did indeed see Borat. Like Mark said: It was the most racist movie I have ever seen! It was rude and crude and well, we both wondered how it managed only to get a 14A rating.

That said, it was very very amusing. Kinda makes me feel better knowing just a little bit about one of the characters first seen on the Da Ali G Show — afterall, my name is Ali and the receipts my customers get all say Cashier: Ali G on them. After having read so many news stories about Borat and whatnot during the past few weeks, it feels great to actually have a knowledge of what they're talking about. Of course, watching that movie DOES double as homework! So I was actually being a 'good girl' watching that! 😉

Let's see… have I finished my homework yet?
1. go to a popular movie: yep, Borat can be considered popular, as it DID have the best box office performance last weekend.
2. watch a) a sitcom: I guess I have… if watching them without sound at WHC counts (and I guess I've watched some animated ones last night too!)
b) a soap opera: I've watched snippets of several… quite a few snippets for my liking… but yeah.
3. Buy and read a non-glossy supermarket tabloid: done! In fact I'll probably buy another — The National Enquirer was a fun read and this is supposed to be my assigned area of concentration.
4. Buy and read a consumer magazine: as much as I didn't actually purchase them, I read several in their entirety at work this month: Allure, In Style, People Style Watch, etc.
5. Listen to a popular AM radio station: I listen to Cool 880 and CKUA all of the time… so I'd say I'd done that!
So yeah… I've done the bulk of that homework!
Now all I want to do is relax and zone out and watch something mindless — unfortunately I do still have to work today — and likely write a curse and a blessing for class (and probably another poem as well).