Hanna's Suitcase

So I cried today.

Why? 'cause as part of the most excellent Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation Gala in Blue Jeans that I've yet to attend we watched the play Hanna's Suitcase at the Citadel.

A really really amazing play (I recommend it to everyone! As much as it's part of the KidsPlay series, it's amazingly well worth seeing, and since today's matinee which I watched was the very first showing, it's showing for another month or so). As it was about the Holocaust, it isn't surprising that I cried.

The play was so good that I ended up purchasing the book. Many of you know that I read a lot of Holocaust literature when I was younger, so this isn't terribly surprising. What's amazing good about the book is that it has both the original text of the book (which came before the play) and the play.

It was a great time… 🙂

Now if only I had some entertaining plans for this evening! I'm sure I'll enjoy myself anyhow… but I'd love to do something interesting with one or more of my friends one of these days and I certainly have the free time.