a list of a bunch of musings and observations

As great as it is to have good dreams, it isn't much fun when they repeat like a broken record, constantly waking me up!
I'm still a big fan of Yokozuna and now Chirashi… I can't believe how happy it makes me to have some good sushi.
Serendipity is really one awesome thing sometimes.
Brahms music is quite invigorating at times — or relaxing for that matter, depending on my mindset.
Watching a prof and a student uh… have somewhat heated words is rather ummmm… well… less than desired (even if it might be necessary).
I'm still rather addicted to Spider Solitaire.
I'm looking forward to having some unexpected free time — although I'm sure I'll busy it up — it is afterall how I tend to do things!
Little Miss Sunshine is an amazing movie. I totally recommend it!
Note: there are actually types of tea that I DON'T like.
The bottoms of cookie trays SHOULD really be secured well before transport.
I actually somehow managed to read a whole Allure magazine today… too bad it wasn't for class!
Heather needs to be thanked like a zillion times for the awesome belated birthday gift! I'm loving the Spillane novel muchly.
The OED is entirely very helpful.
There is much to be said for a sunny day!