Updates from Ali's world

Yesterday's day off was an exciting day of reading, relaxing, and cleaning. Sometimes I just need days like that. Of course a lot of it had to do with the return of my symptoms of my cold. I really really hope my sore throat and stuffy nose goes away soon!! Summer colds are not much fun.

In other news, today I blissfully slept in. I don't do this often but I thought it was a perfect day to relax and daydream until like noon-ish.

This afternoon, the World Health Club (in the westend) called and said I'd been chosen for a free two week membership. There's no harm in trying that out, and in addition I really want to do more activity anyhow. Yeah, it's probably not the nearest World Health Club to my home, there being one right downtown, but having visited this one once long ago when I was dating Jeff made me somewhat comfortable with his gym… so, a couple weeks trying it out won't be a bother or anything. If I like it enough having a gym membership might even become an option for me — gosh knows I need physical activity, and it's pretty darn hard to find people to take long walks with or to play frisbee with when I want 'em, not to mention the lack of a pre-bronze ballroom class that fits into my schedule (darn evening class thing!).

I've been told that being busy is good for me, and I'd have to agree. Working almost full-time hours plus my classes, my hobbies, being active and hopefully continuing with my social life will be a good way to do that I'm hoping. It's only too bad that I'm not superhuman! 😉

Anywho… I ought to get back to the ol' internet-y stuff.