Life directions…

Somehow I think that things are going to be a-okay.

Sure I've a lot of uncertainty regarding life — who doesn't? But you know what? The sun is shining, and there's simply so much possibility in the everyday day-to-day.

Yesterday's work shift felt remarkably good (YES we're short staffed. YES I'd like more co-workers. If anyone wants a part-time job, we're hiring as per usual — good people are hard to find). Sure we were busy but not so much during the work day, mostly just in the usual manner of the after work rush.

I'm reading this excellently interesting book called 'the man of my dreams.' No it's not a romance or anything, although certainly like many novels there's those types of subplots. My co-workers teased me about it in the breakroom. My answer was that I was reading it for Elle magazine's reader panel. It's going to be hard to rank the books for the best of the year. Of the 6 books involved the 4 that I've finished reading (and I guess I'm halfway through this one) are remarkable to put it mildly.

I need to write more. I'm working on it. I think progress is a good thing.

As is getting out of the house more. As is doing new things. As is seeing my friends. As was reorganizing my bookshelf. As is cleaning etc.

My life is oh so exciting. But it's mine. And frankly, I can tell you that I like it. And I'm not lying.

Gosh it feels great to be happy 🙂