Ups and downs…

So lately, life's been a bundle of ups and downs… I'll have these marvelous days where everything seems to be going well and well… a gorrilla trampling my best writing into a mass of paper shreds in a bed of roses wouldn't even ruin my day (harm it, yes, but ruin? Nah!)… and then I'll have these days where no matter how much effort I put into it, I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything half-productive (not that my 'scale of productivity' is anything similar to anyone else's).

That said, I think I'm starting to get into that semi-stressful/productive mode of thinking where I'm preparing and gearing up for a new adventure. Yes, more adventures for Ali (how surprising!)! The Montreal trip is really sneaking up on me… it's like less than three weeks away. In fact it's *counts* 20 days away.

And now that I've got my work schedule all the way up until the time I leave (and I'm scheduled for some kick-ass lots of hours (woohoo!)… I can actually plan stuff into the remaining time before I leave.

And while I've like a bajillion things to plan into the short span of time remaining… I want to see people before I go.

Yes, that likely includes YOU!

So, I was thinking (since I don't have the time at the moment to plan anything overly planning intensive) that having a casual potluck gettogether/going away party would be a good plan. As for details, if I actually get my butt in gear and plan anything… details will be forthcoming! 🙂