Back home…

The weather couldn't have cooperated better for my short journey to Revelstoke. Not only did the sun shine blue, but the temperature was in the balmy mid-20s (Celcius for those of you who use Farenheit).

We arrived in good time at the motel and unpacked a bit before some of us headed off for a walk around downtown (gosh how many memories I have of this place! I truly do have to return, albeit perhaps not terribly soon). I love walking in Revelstoke. When we returned to our rooms we went out to the Frontier for dinner. The evening was relaxing with a trip to the hot tub with my brothers and dad, and then an early night of sleep.

The next day we all arose early for the funeral. The cemetary looked picture perfect: all green and beautiful. The sky was blue with few clouds. The ceremony itself was really touching. I read my Eulogy/poem (and people seemed to appreciate it, saying it brought a tear to their eyes). It was all really fitting as a tribute to my grandmother's life.

A reception followed and we caught up with relatives and friends before late afternoon where we all drove around Revelstoke looking at all the sights from the Dam to Williamson's Lake, Grandma's old house, my parents' old house, the hospital where I was born, and so on. Lots of comments on windows, doors and architecture. A lot of houses really need some work.

After supper a few of us went for another walk, this time across bridges, around the Law courts, and about a different area of town. It felt good to be out walking.

I watched some TV with mom (it's been a long time since I'd watched TV) before bed and today's eventual trip home. Today being my brother's birthday, it was an interesting time.

I'm happy to be home, back at my apt and everything. But I'm also glad to have been able to really see Revelstoke again. It had been quite a while since I'd last visited.

It strikes me once more that I truly do miss my grandmother.