Not all is perfect in Ali's happy world

So today is the day that Greg is moving out. And certainly it is evident by all of his efforts to do so that he is accomplishing that.

Today's also the day I determine conclusively that my fridge has died yet again. So I ate marinated chicken breasts and broccoli with cheese sause for breakfast and lunch… likely (although I haven't yet) with yogurt and thawed fruit for a snack/dessert.

I got my passport photos taken (I don't look terribly photogenic, but it is me, so that's not a problem really)… bought a skirt, made my feet sore with walking, and finally picked up Gilmore Girls Season 3 (Zellers had it cheap. I wanted 4 too but Zellers was out… I *will* find it cheap and SOON… the rebate thing ends soon!).

Today I get to wear my Oilers jersey to work (woohoo!) let's go Oilers!

And hopefully I'll get the kitchen more cleaned-ish than it is currently.

*sighs* Asides from these facts, things are going remarkably well, as per the usual…

Afterall, this week I even DIDN'T lose at LaserQuest… so it's gotta be a good week!