School's out for the semester! :)

So as I print out the very last assignment (or really very last anything) required of me for my classes this semster (a paper which I had procrastinated far far too much, and which I'm sad to say I'm not nearly as happy with as I could be, although I don't doubt for one moment that it's a great paper… for some odd reason my pdf files didn't always open when I wanted them for sources so I didn't get to use a few. *shrugs*…) I look forward to getting a tonne of tasks accomplished in the next days and weeks.

I am happy though. Happy to be done… happy to be able to do so much research online these days (much easier to not have to worry about picking up books from the library and photocopying images or scanning them for appendices… ugh!

I imagine I've a ton of cleaning to work on… and a bundle o' other things too… but it's tuesday… it's the 18th of April only… and I'm done classes for the semester super early!

Now… goal for next semester(?) to work on getting things done marginally earlier? Afterall I know I only got like 4 hours of sleep last night (mind you I'm remarkably well rested).

Oh! And I can try my new sandals today I think! I can't wait! 🙂