Invigorated about the life I'm living

So I finally finished all three books that I'm reviewing for the July Elle magazine, days before the deadline too. And I must say that the books have somehow put me into an amazingly good mood regarding life. My life is, as I've said many times before, an adventure. And good golly am I ever learning tonnes from it… but hey, I'm sitting here, ready to tackle the future with a smile on my face (or rather I'd have a smile on my face if I wasn't giving myself a facial with a drying mask on my features at this precise moment).

Anywho… while I've a bajillion things on the go at the moment (as per the usual), and I've a tonne of stuff on my mental to-do list, I'm remarkably chipper about all of it… in an amazing good mood really… and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

And yes that includes the essay that's due on Tuesday. Perhaps I've been procrastinating again, but I feel incredibly renewed today. Work was good (well it's Good Friday so people didn't start shopping until noon-ish and kind of stopped entirely around 6ish… but we were open our normal hours so that was fun)… I think I might even get off of work earlyish on Sunday (I work half an hour after we close that day since we close at 6pm then. Once we've gotten all the closing stuff done I can go home).

I love this song somehow… it so suits my mood… or rather it suits the mood that the book reading put me in.

I love the fact that I'm reading AND writing again.

Now to wash off this facial mask and get to writing those reviews among other things! 🙂