The Homestretch!

So… Wednesday (aka yesterday) was the last day of classes. Sure, I was motoring along to get my previously procrastinated homework done (really fun stuff if I think about it: putting together a portfolio of all my year's poetry in revised form), and sure I still had an exam to write (which I crammed for unfortunately… although really I think cramming was just about enough, as I think I did rather well, the questions seeming really easy at the time). But darn it, I had SO much adrenaline coming out of that exam knowing that yes, I'd had a good time in poetry class (we sort of partied with food and beverage and anonymous poems [great fun!]), and my exam had gone well… AND so when I finally showed up to the CKI year end party, I had enough energy to jump rope. Yep, I hadn't jumped rope at all since oh… International Board Training 2005 (for CKI). And while that was WAY more difficult than what I did last night (it's SO much easier when I'm jumping rope on my lonesome, I turn it and I know where it'll fall (etc.)).

Essentially this week I've been in a mighty good mood. Exciting opportunities play games in my mind, possibility, dreams, goals and so on… gotta love enthousiasm! You know, I've been far more happy, far more enthousiastic than ever before these days.

So much is going well: I'm looking forward to Quebec, I'll be done this school term's work on the 18th, I'm planning on attending Kiwanis ICON at least for a little while (I wonder how many other people I know will be there), I'm pretty sure I'll be at LSSP and CKI ICON… and well… my day to day life is exciting and adventurous too! So many great things, small smiles, and laughs… great books to read (I'm reviewing a book for Elle magazine that I currently adore!) I think I've a lead to do similar things with fantasy novels… that is if Elizabeth was right (I'd only met her last night… so I'm not putting too much weight on this one). I've a ton of small fun hobbies… am a member of a ton of panels (which entertain me) and I'm still entering contests (although I'm not caught up…).

I mean… really fun and games balanced with work and adventure… stress and well… everything that goes along with it. I'm one happy girl these days… and I think I can do it all… or at least all of it that matters within the time frame appropriate for it.

Perhaps I'm a bit too excited about summer comming… but it's one darn good mood to be in to start another workweek (I work friday saturday sunday monday… I know… normal holidays for some people, but hey I'm in a good mood, I've work and school work to get DONE this weekend…).

Anywho… Yay life! 🙂