Can't seem to find the files I need… and other slight complaints…

So I'm trying to reinstall things that I want on my comp. And can't find some that work quite as well as I need them to (I hope mom can find my Office 97 discs somewheres… either that or someone else can find me 'em… I do not like Open Office (as much as it worked for what I needed it for today… I really am used to Microsoft Office thank you very much). Then there's the hassle of making everything else work out.

In other news, I'm looking forward to DLSSP/DCON and of course the trip planned for next week.

*sighs* now I've got to head off for work… working tonight… which'll be entertaining with the sheer volume of flowers, chocolate and candy sold, I'm sure.

In anycase… enjoy the rest of the Valentines holiday