Ups and downs, highs and lows: yesterday: another day of adventure.

So yesterday I woke up bright and early looking forward to a great new day… and my email told me that my plans weren't going to materialize (which in and of itself, isn't terribly unexpected, just certainly not desired or anything…

Making lemonade out of lemons, I caught up on my internet-y enjoyments (temporarily of course)… and even cleaned up my inbox for my main email account (nice to have it manageable!).

So I finally convinced myself that needing to be productive wasn't just doing readings for class and watching my DVDs of Gilmore Girls…

and went to get blood taken and X-rays done (along with another errand or two). So I walked down the street to the Allin Clinic and into the lab for the blood test thing. Which they took from the same place (same arm… I could have chosen the other arm, but I rather like having a fully functional dominant hand to write/everything else with)… which felt awfully concerning when the needle went in (given the cause of my injury to begin with… I LIKE the idea of having a non-injured median nerve in my arm (I think that's what it's likely called… when I get the nerve conduction tests done we'll know for sure)). Yegads it was more than just a reoccurent memory… the same pain… although attenuated from the original blood donation that caused this whole kerfuffle… reappeared. Fortunately although the arm was sore afterward, it ceased the stupid hurting when the needle came out (yay for no reinjuring my appendages!)

In anycase, then I went over to the X-ray lab… where I waited what seemed like ages, my arm sore (naggingly so)… (plus remembering not to lift anything with it as per the usual for at least 2 hours after). Two X-rays (and over an hour later) I was outta there and hungry.

So I ran another errand or two and then picked up my school stuff before treating myself to a delicious dinner at Kyoto. And I mean it when I say delicious. WOW!

Walked to campus… had class (yay for Barb feeding us candy again! I'm so pleased that she returned to that old habit… makes class that much yummier!)… and then Heather (actually her bf) gave me a ride home where I sat around and read more of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep… before going to bed as I worked today at 7am.

Yeah… semi-productive. Go me!