because I don't actually wanna write a really in depth post… right…

First lines from the first posts from each month this year:
January: So as expected I attended Hourglass Ball yet again this year. *sniff sniff* no Hourglass Ball this year to look forward to *sighs*
February: Last night I went home to the Fort for a bit. Apparently I've been home quite a bit lately.
March: The Amnesty International and Circle K International student groups at the University of Alberta are putting on a benefit show at the Powerplant: I didn't go… but apparently it was a great success!
April: This is the meme: Ahh… the days when people actually apparently read the memes that I posted… right…!
May: Your Birthdate: July 24 (part of yet another meme… what else?)
June: So that's what I really truly wanna do: see a super awesome kickin' concert! Tix are limited to 8/person (I hope to get 8 and thus to bring tonnes of super awesome people with me) it's BNL and Randy Bachman for gosh sake! It was an amazing fun time!!
July: As many of you already know… I work pretty scattered hours. Am I a master of stating the obvious or not?
August: So… as many of you might already know (and others wouldn't), I volunteered 10 hrs today at the Heritage Festival… which inevitably was a blast. (my life in a nutshell… volunteer mania?)
September: Click here. Yet another meme!!
October: So… I hadn't been out dancin' to a bar since Suite 69 with Shauna… and well when Alisha invited me this time, I was (although super super tired) raring to go. Good times!
November: ( Click here to see! ) (this was a mind map!)
December: If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. Another meme…

Something tells me that I post a rather lot of memes in my lj. And use a rather lot of sentence fragments and elipses.

Today was great. Giving gifts to the kids at the headstart school was great, in-class-party was fun (and yummy!), exam went well… and I proved yet again that I can't sing (but apparently did an okay version of Nancy Sinatra's These Boots are Made for Walking) in Karaoke. Bedtime comes quick… but hey I had a great day overall.