Aliana sent me this quiz… and I couldn't help but fill it out!

Excellent intro Aliana!! I'll alter it somewhat:

Okay, here's how it works: Ali is apparently bored and enjoys pointless activities that fill up time such as minesweeper, freecell and popcap games such as Rocket Mania. To save her brain from rotting out, she also types sometimes (she's heard exercise is good for the body and soul after all). If you're likewise inclined, please erase her answers and fill in your own and send it back, then she can learn all about you too. Feel free to omit questions, answer in chunks, or tell her to go throw herself in a well because you're too darn busy having a life to answer stupid questions like these.


1. Name: Ali
2. Middle name: Kira
3. Gender: female
4. Age: 23
5. Birthday: July 24
6. Astrological sign: Leo
7. Marital status: Single
8. Height: 5'3
9. Weight: don't have a scale, although I'd imagine it to be near 125lbs.
10. Eye colour: brown
11. Hair colour: brown
12. Shoe size: something like 7.5 or 8.5 womens (depending on the shoe, my feet do tend to like half sizes)

1. colour: red
2. expression: Lately I've been saying 'darling' and 'dearie' a lot.
3. ice cream: uh… Marble Slab just opened nearby… and while I'd usually say Leva gelato (and still do) I'll add Marble Slab Maple with raspberries as a mixin'
4. TV show from when you were a kid: Gosh… so many good ones! But I rather liked Take Part, Mr. Dressup, Sesame Street, Polka Dot Door, Mister Rogers, Care Bears… but my fave was Square One!!
5. TV show now: Hmmm… CSI… Gilmore Girls… and That '70s Show (although I hardly ever watch 'em these days given how little I watch tv at those hours)… I really love NUMB3RS though… and ER is still pretty nifty as are all the TLC shows (even though I don't get that channel), some FoodTV stuff (Iron Chef anyone?) and some HGTV stuff too I guess…. and then there's some reality TV…. the list goes on.
6. movie: Gosh… no idea! I can't wait for the new Harry Potter to come out though. And Waterboys was gosh darn funny! In other news… I really haven't seen enough animated flicks for my own good lately. Hmmm.
7. place to be: I dunno, really. home is good (aka. my apt) but really lately I'd probably say my poetry writing class or even a bunch o' other places too.
8. gift you've ever received: hmmm… I'm going to default to my stuffed bear, Bear-y that I got from the Uncles and Aunts at Large Christmas party the first year I volunteered there. He still sits on my loveseat and is a good companion (relatively speaking) when I need a hug or am lonely.
9. gift you've ever given: hmmm… I honestly don't know. Nothing jumps out at me. Perhaps the Carthage-Pullman to Anastasia 'cause she deserved it…
10. day of the week: hmmm… I dunno… Lately Wednesdays have been stellar (awesome classes)
11. vacation you've been on: Probably one of the ICON trips.
12. holiday of the year: Christmas! I'm a HUGE Christmas fan!
13. sport: ballroom dance lately! Although I'm afraid I haven't been dancing much… the last one was Halloween… *sighs*
14. thing to eat: Food! My goodness… too many great things! Believe me…! Lately I've been on a Japanese food kick… but I love food in general. Yesterday's food at Dim Sum for a Difference was good too (even though it wasn't really typical Dim Sum food or anything).
15. resturant: Gabbana, Mikado, Yokozuna, The King & I, The Sicillian Pasta Kitchen… etc.!
16. sleeping position: on side or back.
17. piece of clothing you own: good golly you better believe I've got loads of clothes lately! probably my jean skirt (goes past the knees and flares out beautifully when I twirl!), or my cotton velvet like jacket thing… or my nice winter jacket… or a bunch of my other skirts or tops or…. 😉
18. poem: Well… to be honest… anything Maria Chen or Matt Stevens or Morgan Toane writes has got to be pretty fantabulous… the list goes on though and includes most of my poetry class… plus Gary Geddes… Don McKay… Louise Bernice Halfe (SkyDancer)… and many more.
19. season: fall or spring usually
20. book: Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series are my old friends… but there's a good tonne of great ones. Unfortunately given all my other committments I've not been reading as much (volume) for pleasure lately.
21. webpage on the internet: is pretty nifty but there's a lot of sites I visit daily.
22. animal: I like elephants, and turtles and butterflies best.
23. childhood toy: hmmm… my Cabbage Patch kid, Garnett Caldwell
24: halloween costume: I was a flower once. It was a great costume.
25. boys name: Too many to list.
26. girls name: again too many to list.

Have you ever: If yes, explain.

1. failed a test? oh certainly. A bunch. Although I've never failed a university class… there was one term where I failed nearly every midterm… and one class where I was consistently performing under 50% (except on the final where I barely passed), in the end having like a 44% grade… meaning I passed somehow.
2. fallen in love? no
3. been dumped? yes. Once. It was pretty early into the relationship, and no hard feelings really.
4. dumped someone else? twice… I wasn't very nice about it the first time (online is bad whichever way you spin it, but I've learned). Both times, it was the right thing for me to do at the time.
5. done something that scared you? yeah… many times. Nothing really significant comes to mind at the moment (except maybe running for prez and/or trustee of CKI)
6. done something you were ashamed of? Yeah. I've lied before for example.
7. broken a law? Yeah… who doesn't jaywalk occasionally, or accidentally do something one shouldn't?
8. been in jail? No.
9. smoked? No.
10. gotten drunk? No.
11. done illegal drugs? No.
12. ate an entire box of ice cream? Yes, over like… a few months. 🙂
13. cooked someone dinner? Yup. Many times. Not cooked well mind you… I'm not a huge cook.
14. had a pet? not unless you include my pet rock.
15. been in the hospital? unless you count my birth, nope.
16. broken a bone? nope.
17. embarrassed yourself? who doesn't?
18. had a nightmare that you still remember to this day? Burning to death in a fire unable to save the ones I loved.
19. seen a ghost? no
20. been fired? no
21. been in a car accident? no, unless you count that guy who backed into my mom's car once way back when.
22. lived somewhere other than where you live now? I was born in BC, grew up in my hometown and live in Edmonton now… so yes!
23. been out of the country? Uh… yes. To Taiwan and the USA. I'll be heading to Mexico next month though (to build houses!)

Either or:

1. chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
2. eyesight or hearing? hearing
3. Pepsi or Coke? neither.
4. dogs or cats? cats I would say… probably due to that neighbour who sicced his dog on us kids when we were young. Dogs aren't bad though.
5. hot or cold? *shrugs* either or.
6. boxers or briefs? don't care. Boxer briefs?
7. boys or girls? depends on what they're for. (i.e. friendships, relationships, babysitting etc.)
8. sunset or sunrise? sunset
9. day or night? morning or evening are good… midday I'm tired usually.
10. yelling or avoiding? avoiding. I'm not a huge fan of yelling.

Random stuff:

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? *shrugs* I rather like writing. And I rather like being a student… and making enough to make my ends meet. Wow… that's what I'm sort of doing now, eh?
2. How old will you be before you've grown up? what is a grown up anyway?
3. Where do you want to get married? Not a church. Other than that, I don't know. Maybe somewhere significant to me at the time? I'd probably like to get married though, I know that much. And when I do, I want it to be to someone who loves me for who I am and who will never give up on me as long as I'm trying my best. I want it to last.
4. What religion are you? agnostic I guess is the closest to what I believe… although I tend to disagree with quite a few people's definitions of what that might mean.
5. Describe your first kiss: uh… it was dusky… in front of the Butterdome on campus I seem to recall… and well… it wasn't perfect… but it was a kiss… akward but caring I would suppose.
6. What would your ideal day be like? What Ideal day? I mean really? 😉 It would be an adventure of some sort… but not too stressful… with some pleasant surprises and some unforgettable moments.
7. What are you looking for in a life partner? Someone who doesn't smoke or do illegal drugs, who doesn't get drunk for fun, who likes to be close and snuggle, someone who is funny and sweet, romantic, doesn't need to go out somewhere to have fun, who is honest and caring and who wants me and loves me. Someone who thinks about weird things like I do and can hold an intelligent conversation about the nature of the universe if I want to discuss it, who likes to read, and watch movies, and maybe even dance in the livingroom. He has to be attractive to me. He has to be sexy and be open to anything I can dream up and be willing to practice. Mutual attraction and committment are of prime importance.
8. What kind of person could you never be happy with? Someone who didn't want me, or who was just with me because he couldn't get someone he thought was better. Someone who isn't honest about what matters, and is too closed-minded, or expects me to be someone I am not. Someone who is abusive whether verbally, physically or otherwise. Someone who cannot hold up his end of a conversation with me.
9. What habit drives you crazy? there's actually a bunch.
10. What's your pet peeve? *shrugs* there's likely a few.
11. Where would you bury your treasure if you were a pirate? I'd bury it? Naw… I'd invest it.
12. What movie do you wish you could have starred in? hmmm… there's a bunch o' cool ones… mostly chick flicks… although the first X-men film was cool (in that Rogue is an awesome character)
13. If you were a candy, which one would you be and why? Hmmm… toughie! Probably something obscure that few people like… but that's yummy to me… no clue what though… asides from the fact that it CANNOT be fuzzy peaches (I ate too many as a kid and got sickand no longer like them), or anything Watermelon flavoured for example as I don't like those flavours.
14. If you were a food item, which one would you be and why? sushi maybe? Something specific in that people can predict the flavour, and which only suits a certain palate, but which is oh so delightful to those who like it.
15. If you had to pick a way to die, how would you go? Well hopefully in old age in my sleep.
16. What once piece of advice would you like to tell your children? Do what you believe in, and do it as well as you can.