Ali needs google meme with comments! :)

So you likely know the drill with this meme: type [insert your name here] needs into google and see what it comes up with… here's mine complete with comments:
1. ALI NEEDS TWO ANNUAL REPORTS –> so it's all in caps, eh? And what type of annual reports do I need exactly?
2. Ali needs a passport photo for his US visa –> well… I'm not male, and I don't need a US visa, nor a passport photo (not at the moment anyway)
3. Ali Needs to Find Birth Father –> I already know who he is, so why would I need that?
4. Ali needs to speak to the consumers agency to make sure weΓÇÖre set to ΓÇ£do business –> right… what kind of business? monkey business?
5. Ali's needs with money to spare –> out of context this is really grammatically incorrect… but if I deleted the word 'with' well then, sure!
6. Ali needs all the help he can get and we must club together for the children –> I'm still not male… but sure… the children are a big priority.
7. Ali needs to be made to realize that Iraq ain't going to be –> should I just quit while I'm behind?
8. Ali needs an 18-inch zip to replace a broken one in a cushion –> huh?
9. Ali needs more sources of funds, equipment, and resources for shelter homes; and income-generating ideas for the women –> that would be great and all… but I really haven't thought of it.
10. Ali needs to fix the HUGE bags under her eyes! –> yeah… sure. that's called sleep! 🙂

I get the impression that some people get way more interesting answers to this one than I…