… leaving on a Jet plane… (AGAIN! :) )

So… I guess you could say I'm already counting down the hours. I've about 24 hrs left before having to catch the SkyShuttle to get to the airport and jet off to Greensboro, NC, USA. Did you know that that will be the most South and East I will have ever ventured in the USA?

Hearing people complain about the nice weather here being too warm, I wonder how I'll handle the weather in Greensboro. I doubt I'll have huge issues, however, because I did manage Taiwan alright 4 years ago. You know what? It's hard to believe it's been 4 years. It's even harder to believe I'm 23 years old… or that it's been over 5 years since high school. *sighs* I guess I must be growing up. Weird. Truly weird.

So, in preparation for my trip, I've been putting together internet stuff, files and whatnot for CKI purposes, stealing myself for the stress ahead, and in general getting a zillion things done (and I've, unremarkably, still a million more *sighs*). On Thursday, for example, I went to the spa for a couple hours… the new haircut is fabulous! Not only that, but I had a glorious facial… and finally got me that Spa Club membership I'd been promising myself. Completely worth it, since the hairstylist finally gave me a haircut I desired: one that eliminated all the rotten split ends. *shrugs* It's rather short now, so it's kind of weird… I mean it looks great and well helps me radiate confidence (the plan… surely! 😉 ) but it just feels weird to not have all that hair that I started the week with.

I still don't know what I'm packing, or how even I'll pack it all. I'll be back home in Edmonton on the 19th I imagine… and at some point after that, I'll probably type some more gobbley gook online. But, in the meantime… fare-thee-well, all of you internet users!