So you think you can dance?

Talk about a fun tv show! 🙂

Sure… I know that I'm easily ensnared by Reality Television shows… (factoid for the day… the first such tv show was done in the 1970s!), but this one totally entertained me. Why? 'cause it's all about dancing. Really it's like an American (or Canadian) Idol show but with dancing instead of singing. And thus, it's a feast for the eyes instead of for the ears. And frankly, it fascinates me to watch people be versatile: most people can only dance certain styles successfully, yet this show looks for individuals who can do it all: individual, couple, group, and different styles of dancing. So fun to watch break dancers try to follow salsa choreography!

Anywho… since I too enjoy dancing (heck… I can dance a zillion times better than I can sing… mind you I enjoy doing both and know that I'm not some sort of amazing star at either), this show totally struck my fancy. I wonder how it will turn out.