Dorkiness strikes again!

As recent online discussions of the nature of dorkiness indicate… the definition used for this meme might not be the one were talking about, but just the same…

Since Anastasia tagged me… and since I rather think the answers to these could get rather interesting… here goes nothing: 5 reasons why I'm a dork

1. I think putting together my income tax return by hand is one of the most plesant late night activities of the late winter/springtime. It's just so interesting glancing over all that material and those juicy numbers!

2. I have a wooden block of the Kiwanis International office on my dresser… only one of the many CKI/Kiwanis family items that literally litter my apartment.

3. I actually read every single entry I could find in Pete's blog when I first started reading it (last summer)… uh… well… I tend to do this with many if not most of the blogs I start reading regularly but still!

4. I absolutely refuse to wear a watch with numbers on it (my only concession being to have a roman numeral XII at the top of one of my watches… mostly 'cause watch manufacturers keep putting these infernal numbers on watches!)… note that this also is one of the major reasons why I think that the first page of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the bestest page ever!

5. Some of you may have already noticed my frugality/free stuff/contest entering habit. Evidently it's yet another reason why I'm a dork. Afterall, why else would I have a toster oven sitting in a box on my chair but to have won it?

So I totally don't tag people normally… but this time… I am curious as to people's answers so here goes nothing…