The Master Quiz (from Krista… and originally from her friend)

This quiz intrigued me… so I decided to answer it. *shrugs*

1. Forced to choose between the three, which would you rather lose: your vision, your hearing or your four limbs? Why?
My vision. As much as it is clearly necessary in order to live my current life, I firmly believe I could adapt (as much as I stink at reading Braille currently) and well… being alone forever being one of my hugest worries… loss of hearing and limbs more closely mirrors this worry/fear.

2. If you ever lost your name, where might it be found?
On my Bachelors of Science Degree parchment…. provided I don't somehow lose that too.

3. You find a blank check, fully endorsed by a high-ranking executive at Microsoft and completely redeemable, lying on the sidewalk. An obviously needy street person snatches it and runs away. What do you do?
Continue along my merry way… and hopefully indulge in some yummy food, great times with friends, or otherwise uplifting activity soon afterwards.

4. Happiness is subjective and often very complex. An ultra-swishy, Robin Williams type genie offers you guaranteed True Love, Financial Success or Fame – but the catch is that when you pick one, you will never find either of the other two in your lifespan. Which, if any, type of happiness do you ask for?
As much as I'd probably rather just live my life without this genie person thing… if I HAD to choose, I'd go for True Love… It could be worse afterall.

Sex & Love.
5. Love is like having your insides renovated by tiny gnomes with pickaxes: True or False?
*shrugs* I wouldn't know…. now would I? 😉

6. If your sex life had to be personified by two animals locked in mortal combat, which two battling beasts would best describe your experiences?
Battling beasts eh? hmmm… how about the last unicorn… very lonely without companionship…. and a dragon… very uncompatible… and also mythical.

7. If you were an all-powerful God required to choose a single tenet for your loyal worshippers to live by, what law would you pick?
The Golden Rule. (why not?)

8. Centuries later, other Gods start moving in on your territory. How do you stop them from stealing the faith of your people?
Why would I mind? Afterall… it's the Golden Rule I'm talking about 😉

Et Cetera.
9. Choose one: You are nothing and the world is everything, or the world is nothing and you are everything.
I am nothing, the world is everything.