So I'm actually volunteering?

This feels like the most disorganized volunteer opportunity thing I've ever involved myself in. This frightens me, because it is the World Masters Games. But, apparently I'm volunteering on the 30th at Main Gym for Basketball medals. This feels really truly weird. I mean… after all these months of them telling me that yes, I'm a volunteer, but that I didn't have a position, I'm finally getting some volunteer hours… not the requisite 30 mind you, but it's something. And it fits into my crammed schedule alongside Klondike Days, and the Heritage Festival volunteering I'll be doing with CKI. I go so long without getting much by way of volunteer hours in, and then BANG… I've quite a few.

Also… if anyone out there has free time on July 31st from 9am-2:15pm, CKI desperately needs a bunch more volunteers (who need to sign up by Thursday) to help with ticket sales at the Heritage Festival [so I am told]. If anyone is interested… PLEASE PLEASE do check out the details and email Kenman. Information is found at under short term projects (including Kenman's contact info!). Really. We NEED You!

In other news, I really wanted to get out and do something tonight… but instead sat around at home with the computer and the phone and the TV. Yay for technology… really. *rolls eyes* Real human contact (outside of my workplace) would be oh so helpful sometimes… at least when I'm craving it like I was tonight.

I haven't heard from many of you for a while. What are you all upto these days and this summer? Any particular schedule I should know about (let's say I wanted to see you, or phone you or something)? I really really need to do some more shopping… and see Star Wars, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (among others)… preferably in the theatres (or even cheap theatres!)… and I'm sure there's at least a dozen other things I really want to do this summer with what little I have left of it (that isn't consumed already by planned activities).