Birthday Weekend RSVPs :)

So… here's where I'll post a regularly updated list of who looks like they'll be attending my birthday weekend events. This post will be continually updated. To see details on the events please consult:

Kim (hopefully Sunday)
Shreyo (maybe?)
Colin and Leanna (Farmers Market, Park, Taste of Edmonton and part of rest of Sunday)
Sheena and friend (likely most of the events Incl. The Creperie)
Maria (UADC social likely)
Amber (maybe UADC social at VERY most)
Scott (UADC social and maybe some other events, not The Creperie)
Kathy (The Creperie, and UADC social)
Shauna (most likely, all of Saturday Incl. The Creperie)
Jackie (most likely, all of Sunday)
Greg (The Creperie, unknown what else)
Shelly (The Taste of Edmonton)
Jeff (The Taste of Edmonton)