it's like a Care Bears' stigmata

So… lately, I've been a tad bit more klutzy than usual. Certainly not the milkshake disaster of whatever year it was… but still.

In fact these days I've done the following stupid things (in no particular order):
– concussion at waterslides in Indy
– cutting my hand with scissors (in defense it was morning, and I was half-asleep)
– burning my forearm on the oven (fortunately it's healing very nicely thanks to my knowing first aid)
– various cuts, scrapes and general stuff I should know better than to do.

Oh and today… I managed to scrape the pinky finger on my right hand… making a wonderfully heart shaped red spot (yes, a nice pool of blood. Not dripping or anything, otherwise I wouldn't have ignored it until now)… which fortunately or unfortunately is heart shaped.

Weird eh? It's like something's trying to tell me that yes… I can injure myself insignificantly, but that it's all good or something else lovey dovey or something like that.

Suffice to say, I'm not a great fan. Oh and I credit my roommate with the quote above.