Need to do more… stuff!

So… it's been an interesting week. Interesting because I'm so terribly backlogged on things that I must do. Yet, still am accomplishing tonnes… *sighs*

In any case… this week not only do I have a midterm, but I'm working more hours than I have in a LONG time (since the holiday). This would be perfectly a-okay if it wasn't for the fact that clutter etc. tends to make me more stressed than I really ought to be. That said, it's been good, and I'll get it all done, as per the usual.

I got out of game addiction mode however, which is nice partly because it means that I'll actually accomplish some of my directives, homework assignments etc. I finished writing some valentines (I don't tend to do many of these if any usually… they're just for a certain group of people this year (takes ages to write… and well… I'm happy that that's done!).

Been having a lot of conversations about things. Perhaps my debating skills need work (yeah… I know. I always lose… nothing new there, but I learn things, which I enjoy).

The CKI Winter Formal was amazing. Really formal. Really fun. FABULOUS entertainment especially The Janes! People looked stellar, not to mention had a rockin' great time!

Anyway… I think I ought to a)either procrastinate differently or b)get something done.