A relaxing visit to my old home… and a great performance!

Last night I went home to the Fort for a bit. Mom and I went to see MacHomer together, which by the way was an astoundingly great performance… especially when you consider how excellently it comments upon society, our popular culture and so on. Very well done parody of a satire… or otherwise… still great! 🙂 I especially enjoyed the extra number at the end: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody done by 25 different artists (note that this is a one man show!).

Got to spend a bunch of time with my little nephew. He certainly grows up fast! Much fun to have him climbing on me, and so on. Very enjoyable.

Didn't get much homework done. Will have to catch up mildly on that, and of course on my writing also. But now, I would imagine that I ought to get moving… an event to get to in the coming hours… and a night to enjoy. Perhaps eventually I'll write more about these things although not necessarily in this particular venue.